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Recently, I began writing a website for a softball organization (Avalanche Softball).  They were tired of the 'canned' sites out there that were difficult to maintain and update.  I was approached to build this new site for this new organization.  So I build the original site and allowed the users to send me suggestions to help make the site more managable for the coaches.

I was then approached by the head of another softball program, USSSA New York Pride.  He really did not like his site either.  He wanted it to be simpler to use but still have the information and have the interactivity.  I came to the conclusion that most people are not "computer saavy" and need to be able to manipulate their sites with the least amount of pain.  So I set up their site as well.  

The nice thing about my sites is that I set a flat rate, regardless of the number of teams.  If you have one team of 10 teams, same price.  My fees consist of: (1) Paying for the domain name (if you do not already own it); (2) the site host (I pick the host - it's easier); (3) the use of my website; (4) a maintenance fee.  That's it.  The host I use also allows for email and unlimited space for pictures, video, and data.  It's a win-win for you.  Once the fee is paid, I set up the site and get it rolling.  If you want email addresses, I set them up as well.  I can also give someone access to create email addresses as well.  If the site has issues, you can contact me and I will work on getting the issue fixed ASAP.  

Any inquiries, please click here to email me