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Building Your Softball Site

Unlike the "canned" sites, I will help you set up and maintain your own individualized site.  Here is what I will do for you (each is its own fee):

  1. Set up the host and upload all necessary files associated with the website.  These files are my copyrighted files.  You will not have direct FTP access to the site.  
  2. I will set up, unless you have one, a domain name for you.  If you already have one, I will supply the information to point to the site or you can allow me access to do that for you.
  3. I will do the inital set up of the site, create your admin userid and email account.  
  4. Send you instructions for email and give you access to create email addresses.
  5. I will also set up a daily backing up of the site.  This insures you would only lose one day's worth of data (at most) should any catastrophic web event occurs.  

Before I begin the site, I will inform you the cost, per year of the site.  This can fluctuate based on the cost of the host.  I try to pick a host that gives you unlimited webspace and email space.  This will get you the most bang for your buck,.  I will monitor how the site is going and fix any issues that arise.  I am constantly working on new features.  

Current Features include:

  1. Unlimited number of teams per year.
  2. Simple Team editing.   Including roster, schedule, profiles, pictures, sponsors, new page
  3. Player Profile editing 
  4. Player Profile Sheets (click sample to view) and Profile Book creator
  5. Organization calendar which will include scheduled games and practices
  6. Schedule Editor for games/scrimmages/practices as well as tournaments.  This includes reoccurring events (weekly practices)  
  7. Field Location Editor - to create/edit field locations (includes Google map of location)
  8. Team State Editor - Manual editting or drop boxes for iScore raw data
  9. College Bound Player editor and College Logo Editor
  10. Online tryout registration and team assigning
  11. Custom Page Creator/Editor

and more.........

I also take suggestions on other features that can be added.  I can customize the site to your needs.